Earth Day All Year

Earth Day has come what have we done differently since last year to make this the most sustainable year ever?  Well let's see.  There are many ways to save on waste: 

1.)  Buy products with less packaging- no saran wrap or plastic cartons

2.)  Use re-usable cloth or mesh bags for produce bags

3.)  Here in Southern California, plastic bags are outlawed, so we always have our            re-  usable shopping totes.

4.) I started using re-usable wraps made with beeswax, to stop using saran wrap or 

     foil or baggies.  They are my new favorites!!

5.)  Always use a travel mug at any coffee chain.  There is usually a small discount,          and no guilt for all the extra cups and java jackets.

6.)  Wool dryer balls have saved in wasted sheets and in not using fake fragrances          and chemical additives.  Sometimes there is a little cling, but I can always use            essential oils to make the amazing aroma.

7.)  And of course, always bring your own plastic bottle of water.  Whether a metal,            or glass container, every little bit helps to eliminate the amount of plastic used.

8.)  Collecting rainwater has been an awesome thing I look forward to every rain.  I             keep the barrel or enormous bucket outside to collect all that nature has to give           us.  Even though rain fall has not been huge on the West Coast, it still helps.

April 18, 2018 by Alicia Schulz