Launching on The Grommet!

Selected by The Grommet

I’m Jill White, the maker behind Jewels to Jet, and I’m excited and can’t believe I’m saying that we’ve been selected by The Grommet to be a featured product to launch on their amazing website! We’re one of the only 3% of products selected by The Grommet! We’ll be launching on the website on February 2nd, so put that on your calendars!

This is such a huge leap for us. We’ll be joining a community of over 2000 makers that have launched with The Grommet and the success that many of those makers have found is exciting and inspirational.

One look at their Success Stories page and you’ll know what I’m talking about!

As a business owner, elementary school teacher, and mother of 3 kids, I was in charge of packing suitcases for 5 people, for family vacations and business trips. I found myself frantically trying to plan each of my outfits to match accessories, with my jewelry, sprawled messily all over the bed. This frustrating chore later came to define that major “aha” moment for me in the development of Jewels to Jet.

By designing 2 interchangeable necklaces and a bracelet with magnetic closures and adding earrings, then placing all of them in a sleek jewelry clutch, the tedious “packing and matching” problem was solved! Now everyone can purchase each Jewels to Jet set in a clutch, and toss it into a suitcase, for timesaving convenience.

Jewels to Jet has developed into a determined team of hardworking individuals, each with a fresh perspective and a unique mindset. A part of the inspiration for Jewels to Jet for me was looking to make a difference in the busy, day-to-day lives of women of all ages and also impact the fashion world at the same time. Today, I believe my vision is becoming true, as we approach our launch date on The Grommet!

January 24, 2017 by Jill White