Gift Giving Awesomeness

So I have recently been stumped at some birthday gifts this year.  Seriously. I have given loose leaf tea, made soap, made baked goods, tried buying things to suit everyone...and guess what?!  It is still so time consuming and near impossible to please everyone.  I have decided that the best gifts are gift cards or jewelry that someone may not buy themselves but suits them.  

We have items ranging from $5-$ you know what to do.  BTW, Mother's Day is super close!!! Mom's love jewelry, that's a fact.  Well, at least my mom does lol.


Use the code JTJ20 for 20% off all purchases...AND don't forget Montego Collection is Buy One, Get One FREE.  One of my favorite phrases in the English language.  BOGO :D


Cheers to a wonderful Spring and April everyone<3