Summer Styles

What is your Summer look?  Every Summer I want to keep cool and keep comfortable!  What are your tips and tricks for your Summer looks?

We are in Los Angeles, actually north of Los Angeles, which is even HOTTER!  Some days it's too hot to even go swimming, but we make due by going to the movies or staying indoors.  Some days at the beach, which is much cooler!  However on the other days, running errands and what not I tend to wear loose flowy dresses or yoga pants and tank tops. This usually has me feeling summery, but enough fabric to absorb sweat lol.  Also, Jewels To Jet jewelry is a magical accent to each one of these linen looks.  Every style and color to fit your style.

I actually just got back from Italy and definitely came back with a new outlook on the heat and what to wear.  About 70% Italians wear linen all Summer long.  It is humid and not all places have air conditioning.  AHHH!! My hot flashes were just 24/7.  I was able to find some linen dresses for about $15 USD.  This dress saved my life and helped to keep me cool and a bit less sticky.  I am a believer now!  From here on out...linen clothing or cool cottons.  A must.  I have been shopping online and just google linen dresses or linen summer wear and tons of things come up.  Other countries do this as well, including France, Spain and some South American countries.  I'm guessing many other countries as well. 

Are you into this idea or have others to help us all out with your Summer wear tips?

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