Start your own business for as little as $150 and receive your Jewels to Jet Starter Kit which includes four collections, a Magna Strip Travel Case, and all the marketing materials you need to begin hosting parties and start earning income.


  • Start at 15% sales commission
  • All commissions paid out monthly
  • Receive an additional 5% commission on sales of consultants who sign up under you (maximum of 5 people)

     HAVE FUN 

    There are many benefits to becoming a consultant and starting a business. You will fuel your inner entrepreneurial spirit and learn several skills that will help you succeed in all facets of your life. You will learn the art of persuasion, how to maximize your sales strategy, and how to coordinate with other consultants and business opportunists.

    Independence, clever thinking, and staying on top of fashion trends will be traits you align with through joining the Jewels to Jet brand. 

    You’ll also get to enjoy the following…

    • Flexible hours that fit your family’s schedule
    • Parties that allow you to make new friends
    • No inventory to keep track of
    • A system that’s built to help you make money 

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