Q: What year did you conceptualize Jewels To Jet?  

JW: "I came up with the idea in 2014, after years of packing our family suitcases. Every time we traveled, I was the one that had to pack the kids' luggage, my husband's and my own. By the time I got to my suitcase it was just pack the basics, but the final question was always what jewelry to wear to dress up those basic?"

Q: How did you think of this as a business idea?

JW: "It was really just the idea of what is practical.  I was so over clasp jewelry and needing help to get jewelry on.  It should not be a stressful thing.  I'm going out to have a nice evening, a fun time with friends and family...yet I'm getting annoyed with a clasp.  So silly!  And what a time waster it was becoming.  I wanted to get out and do things or get to dinner and not think about any of it.  It just made sense to me

Q: What is are your favorite travel destinations?

JW: My absolute favorite destinations are Hawaii and Australia!  I could go to Hawaii, specifically Kaui, any time or every time haha.  I loved Australia.  It's an intense flight and long travel time, but there is no where on Earth like it.  I also really loved Copenhagen quite a bit and would love to go again.

Q: What do you like to pack when traveling?

JW: I pack a lot of dark colored clothing and tops.  I like to wear dark tops for the slimming effect and then my jewelry really pops off of that!