Clasp Repair Instructions

Troubleshooting your Magna-Clasp

As with any product that sees a fair amount of wear, the small magnets in our Magna-Clasp mechanism may eventually become dislodged from their seating and require a fix.  Should this occur, we do have a quick remedy to get everything working properly again—all you’ll need is a little bit of SUPER GLUE.

1) IMPORTANT FIRST STEP: Place the loose magnet in contact with the opposing magnet before you begin gluing. Because magnets are “polar” and have a side that “attracts” and a side that “repels,” you’ll want to make absolutely certain that the side that attracts the other magnet is situated correctly and not the other way around.

2) Put a small drop of super glue into the clasp cavern where the magnet would normally sit. Remember, at this point, both magnets are still attached to one another.

3) Now, simply place the empty clasp over the magnet while it’s still magnetized to the other half of the clasp. This will ensure that the magnet’s “attracting” side is facing the correct way as the glue takes hold. After only a few seconds you can slowly slide the two clasp halves apart, cleaning off any excess glue that might prevent the clasp from working correctly. Allow the glue to set for the prescribed period of time (at least 20 minutes depending on the brand of glue you use).

PLEASE NOTE: As previously stated, when removing your clasp, we recommend that you never pull both sides apart, but rather, using your thumb and index finger, slide the two halves away from each other until they separate. This should keep your Magna-Clasp working indefinitely.